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Author:  Sayaron [ Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Launch Plans

It may be a bit early for launch, but yet it is never too early to make up the plans. As ArcheAge will be heavily populated on launch, we have set a few certain goals. Me and Nick/Mordereen, and ofc anyone else who got 4 days headstart, are going to spend the 2-3 first days of the headstart to grind our way to the highest lvl possible and gather as much gold as possible. This is due to the fact that house and farm spots are very limited, and that every patron member may place houses/farms. So we are rushing to get our first properties. For anyone who wish to join us on our rush, please notify us and we will let you onto the rush plan.

After the 4 days of early headstart and we got our properties set down, we will focus on forming our guild. No guild name is specified yet, so I'd like everyone to play a role to suggest a fitting guild name. We will also need 5 people in a group to form a guild, so we hope that as many as possible can join into this as early as possible. Please note that this is a free game, and everyone can join in after the 4 days of headstart.

As a guild we will be doing dungeons, continental trade runs, piracy (to be considered), naval combat, general pvp, claiming land and make sure our guild becomes big and great! And of course we have the social side of it all, where we will attempt to make a big guild house where everyone may hang out and do crazy stuff, and if we become big enough, create a castle/fort in auroria and fight huge siege battles!

So we are looking forward to have you all join us at launch. Anyone who are planning to join the epic adventure of ArcheAge, please make a little reply here and possibly write a bit about your own plans in the game!

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