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Author:  Sayaron [ Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Official Discord Server

We have now fully set up a Discord Server and allowing for more flexibility among our guests and members! As the demand has increased and with extended testing, we are ready to partially move over to Discord.
The Discord server is free for anyone to join! It is currently setup with very basic Text/Voice Channels. As for a difference from TS3, we have fever rooms and user groups. We do currently not plan to use the "Honorable Guest" group anymore. If the demand is high enough, we can make such a group or similar. Instead of this group, we are setting those who are considered members in the members group. This will differ from our standard clan member groups as non-members might be listed as members. If our members feel that this is wrong, we will of course rather make an own group similar to the "Honorable Guest" group.

If you feel anything is missing, such as more channels or user groups, do not hesitate to ask an admin, or me personally. You can either leave a PM on the forums or at Discord.

You can join our Discord Server here:

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