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Author:  Sayaron [ Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum rules

These rules must be followed on the forum. If you simply do not follow these rules, it might result in huge consequences!

§1-Do not spam
§2-Do not post any pornographic material (excludes basic nudity)
§3-Racism is not allowed
§4-Stay on topic
§5-Don't bump old topics, check the last post date
§6-Respect the administrators and moderators
§7-Speak English only. If you want to speak other languages use PM
§8-Don't make "Can I be a admin/moderator" topics
§9-Doubleposting is not allowed
§10-An admins word is final
§11-Keep word games in the Off-Topic section for word games
§12-No double accounting
§13-No links to any money sites (Includes signatures)
§14-Use proper subject tittles, if you cannot maintain this, your post may get removed without any warning
§15-No advertising. This results in instant and permanent ban and deletion of all your posts
§16-Do not post unless you have something creative and related to the subject
§17-Do not go off topic, stay within the subject
§18-Do not post any torrents/warez. Please contact an administrator if you wish to do so

Please note that we do not have any age restrictions, so if you are below 18 years old, remember that most of us are adults and do not censor anything. You might find much adult content such as bad words, violence, etc. Proceed on caution. We do also expect that everyone acts in a mature way. We take no responsibility of any traumatic consequenes caused by nudity and voilence.

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